Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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History of Beaver Creek

In 1882, a settler named George Townsend and his wife Allie laid claim to a quiet piece of land next to a small brook named Beaver Creek. The Townsends have since come to be known as the first family of Beaver Creek, but they never could have imagined that the mountain valley that was visible from their porch window would eventually become an internationally known winter and summer resort destination.

Farmers, ranchers and timber cutters further settled the isolated, pristine Beaver Creek Valley during the late 1800s. In the 1920s, Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch were awash in fields of lettuce; a crop that grew exceptionally large and crisp in the high altitude.

In the1950s, the peaceful valley now known as Beaver Creek was owned by a hard working ranch family, the Nottinghams. In 1956 Pete Seibert, a veteran of the 10th Mountain Division, set his sights on what he envisioned as an international ski village in Beaver Creek and attempted to purchase the land. The Nottinghams refused, a refusal which prompted Seibert to look 15 miles west to what is now known as Vail. Despite the astounding success of nearby Vail, Seibert still longed to complete his vision for Beaver Creek. In the early 1970s, Willis Nottingham finally agreed to sell him an option on his land. Beaver Creek Resort opened on December 15, 1980 with four chairlifts, 28 runs and 425 skiable acres.

Below are the beautiful views you will experience when staying at Buck Creek Condominium's, which is located at the base of Beaver Creek in Avon, Colorado.